Updates/Needs for Mission Work in India

Sister Teresa teaching ladies how to make a pattern and sew. 

 Learning how to sew!

Church needs funding for completion.

Need funding to feed orphans.

We are looking for Spiritual Marines for financial help in India.  B BABUJI  RAO and his wife, two sons, and daughter are wonderful Christian Pastors in India.  We have seen their work for about a year now.  They bring the story of Jesus to everyone that they can in India.  They help the homeless, the widows, the children, and the orphans in many ways.  They preach the Gospel, sing Christian songs, teach the widows how to sew, feed the children and all the needy. They receive very, very little help or offerings.  Most of their congregation is very poor.  They need to finish building their church.  They need money to start an orphanage for these children.  No help from the government!  So, we who are Spiritual Marines must try to help.  Pray about this, my friend.  Could you make a monthly contribution of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more?  Maybe you are willing to make a one time contribution? Anything will help.  Pastor Rick and I will list your name on our donors page.  We will keep you updated to how the money will be used.  I have seen many miracles since I married Rick and started serving God more.  God has blessed us beyond compare.  Please text me so I can give you an address to send the money to.  We will make sure that they get it.  If you want to Western Union it to them personally we will give you that address. 


Janice Fruge 520-252-9020

Pastor Rick Fruge 251-327-4196