Homeless Ministry

How many times have we driven past a homeless person and not helped them? We say to ourselves, “If I give them money, they will probably just buy booze or drugs!”

There are many things you can do to help the homeless. Make up zip lock bags filled with peanut butter crackers, bottled water, hard candy, and Christian tracts. If you feel safe, take a homeless person to get something to eat or bring a cheeseburger to them. We do hand out money and trust the Lord that they will use it correctly. 

instruct the homeless about the location of local missions and churches that will help.  See if they need help finding a job or place to live.  Here in Sun City, a senior citizen needed help for what Medicare didn’t cover. 

Take your gently worn clothes to them. Many times they live in groups and someone will  able to use them. 

Save sample bottles of toiletries when you visit  hotels and give to them. If you feel safe, take them to a truck stop to take a shower. 

We challenge you to be a “Spiritual Marine” for the homeless. You will receive a blessing. Tell them about what it means to be saved, always.