Ministry Needs

His Marine Ministries is funded by weddings Pastor Rick officiates, donations from individuals and corporate sponsors, and self funding by Pastor Rick and Janice. . God has blessed them so very much.

There are so many more things that they need to accomplish.  They need more Bibles to pass out to the homeless and truckers. They need more funding to expand the radio ministry to two million people in Missouri. They have received a call offering The Pastor Rick Show a     spot on Wilkins Christian Radio. 

There are monetary and supplies needed for the homeless ministry in Tucson and San Manuel.

Also, please see our future vision for this ministry,

The whole mission is to bring the Gospel to the people and the people to the Gospel. 

If you can help this ministry, please contact Janice at 520-252-9020. or Pastor Rick at 251-327-4196.   It will be greatly appreciated.