India Mission Trip-Konthamuru

We have some new Christian friends in India. They live in a small village on the Eastern edge of India.  They want Pastor Rick and I to bring a team of mission minded people to India in the near future.


We are starting a campaign to seek donations of money, toys, blankets, clothing(purchased in India), computers, printers, sewing machines, Bibles(purchased in their language in India), and other items. They are still building their church.  We would like to have a team that will go with us for 10-14 days. Take a look at these pictures. Pray about this trip. We know that through God and prayer, this will be possible. If you can’t go, please get in touch with us for donations. 


Pastor Rick  251-327-4196

Janice 520-252-2090


church is still under construction. 

Our new friends, Joy and BJ.


Joy Francis Roosevelt, our Christian friend, interpretor, and tour guide.


Pastor BBRAO-Church Pastor, leader of other Pastors, Father of the family.

Sister Joyce and Teresa-Mother and Women’s Pastor. 

Pastor BBRAO

Beautiful Sister Joyce


Please pray for this Christian family in India and their ministry. If God so leads you to make this trip with us, please contact Pastor Rick @251-327-4196 or Janice @520-252-2090.   All things are possible. We will ship some donations ahead of time. 


Donations: We praise God for all donations.


$5.00 buys a Bible in Telugu


$10 buys school supplies

$20 buys material

$20 buys a blanket

$150 buys a sewing machine 

$200 buys a printer 

$500 buys a computer

$10,000 buys a down payment for a car for  Pastor Bbrao and his family.


Ms. Coleen Walker-Alabama

Mr. Mark Hawk-Tennessee

Donations Received:



Bronze Monthly Donors: $20-$100


Silver Monthly Donors: $101-$200


Gold Monthly Donors: $201-$300-Pledge 

Ms. Ruby Armah-Phoenix, AZ

Platinum Monthly Donors: $301 and up