God’s Call: BJ and Joy

In 2018, two families were connected across two continents.  The Fruge’s and the Rao’s-  United States and India.  There is no doubt in my(Janice) mind and heart that God brought us together.  As we began to email and Skype, we realized that we had wonderful Christian friends. The Brother Rao family consists of  Brother Rao, wife, Teresa, brothers BJ(Joseph) and Joy, and sister Joyce.

Brother Rao is a true patriarch. He has taught his family the true love of Christ. He has accomplished The Great Commission by ministering on a continent that is mostly Hindu.  His family is in the process of building a church, sharing the Gospel with thousands, helping the needy, orphans, widows, and leper’s with very little means of income and no private transportation.(refer to other pages on our website).

Brother Rao’s wife, Teresa, has been by his side preaching the Gospel to many women and others. Recently, she finished her Master’s Degree.  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.

Sister Joyce is a young beautiful Christian lady. She is studying medicine and wants to use her talents for God as a surgeon.


                Joy            BJ


BJ is a very talented young man. He has achieved several degrees.  He has already completed his Bachelor’s Degree of Theology and his Master of Divinity Degree.  He is presently working on his Pre-Doctorate in Theology. He is attending Bible College in Chennai, India.  BJ has answered God’s call to preach the Gospel to all the nations.  His goal is to come to the United States on a study visa. He would like to attend Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, AZ .  He would like to take a few months to travel in the United States and preach.  He also is a talented keyboard player. 

 BJ receiving his Bachelor of Theology-pictured with his proud parents.


BJ receiving his Master of Divinity. Pictures with his parents.


Joy is also a very talented young man.  He is very involved with all the ministries that his family is working on.  He has completed his Bachelor of Technology Degree in Civil Engineering. He is presently completing his Master’s Degree in English.   He has experience as a graphic artist with Adobe Photoshop, studied Auto-Cad, Proficient with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  He has also studied robotics in structural engineering.

Joy’s personal skills include flexibility, adaptability, teamwork, leadership abilities, self-motivated, and volunteerism.

As a Christian leader, he has worked well with the children and youth.  His desire is to come to the United Stares by next May.  He would like to work here as a civil engineer, work with auto-cad, or any job that he is suited for.  He would like to settle in the United States close to Phoenix.  He needs a company to sponsor  him with a work visa. 

Bro Rao, Sister Teresa, Joy, and BJ standing in front of unfinished church in India.



Pastor Rick and I would like to ask you to pray every single day for this family. They need to feel our prayers as they seek to fulfill “The Grest Commission”.  Also, they need financial support.  You can donate on our website with the Give button or contact me on how to send some money directly to them.  Any amount will be appreciated: $10, $20, $30, $100, Etc.  You can give a one time donation or a monthly gift.  

What will the donations be used for?

  1.  Bibles in Telugu for Indian people
  2.  Feed the poor
  3.   Completion of the church building
  4.   BJ’s schooling in Chennai
  5.   Clothing for the poor
  6.   Blankets for the homeless
  7.   Computers for training
  8.    Sewing machines for widows
  9.   Travel for the Rao family-car or Van needed
  10.   Money for BJ’s Doctorate Degree in the    United States

We know that our great God will bring these two young men to the United States.  Please pray for this.  When BJ arrives, he feels God’s calling to speak across the United States. There are many souls in the United States that don’t know Christ as a personal Saviour. What churches or organizations do you know that would be open to allowing him to preach God’s word?  His English is very good.  Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma, etc???  Let us hear from you.  We are pre-planning his speaking engagements. He will be available from June-December 2020.  Please contact:  Janice Fruge-520-242-9020.  Thanks for all your prayers and support.